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Wonder World < Sumatran Jungle Species > The Bukit Lawang Ordo

  Welcome....! for wonder world jungle......// The Bukit Lawang ,Gunung Leuser National park ( Home of Orang Utans )

The numerous of jungle activities along your holiday , for your spare of time and to get the ever best of jungle Experiences
 in the midle of  "Jungle men (Orang Utan) houses.
Orang Utan move over ,5.km everyday
Orang utan has a big fower to move from one place to the other places in the jungle ,and also they must be realy have a good abilty to earn their strong lifes , and had experienced too how to deal of the daily life menus.All of these they got and fond by naturally train in everyday since they are still orang utan baby.
( orang utan family )
 Orang Utan Starting adult and could birth a baby for their generation is around ,10 years old,
orang utan baby live together with their mother ,4-5 years old untill they are indefenden,orang utan baby sucking niples like a human baby too.
 The orang utan also who live domined to outherirized of their teritorial from others, commonly the fowerful of orang utan who is become an outher for their group and teritorial and also to protec the weak of orang utan from their enemies.

( The dominan orang utan live isolated from the group )

( The tropical rain forest of conopy )

The beauty of jungle phenomenom from ,The Gunung Leuser National Park  as features of the good living environmental  ,where the youngest generation still could enjoy and see them ,as a real of nature landmarks.

          Other primate also fond in this jungle as kind of mongkey ,vary of macaque commonly seen in this jungle namely: Long tailed macaque (called , monyet) and others monkey are live closely too like :"Thomas leaf monkey " also called (kedih).
          Some other apes are live int his big jungle along of the ridge of " The Gunung Leuser National Park" mentioned ,Siamang ( blac gibbon) or called also, Hylobaters lars and the family of type of this apes are also exist namely :"Wau-Wau" or White handed gibbon ( Hylobaters Syndactylus) all those kind of species are kind of diurnal and mostly arborel too.

Monyet (long tailed macaque) 

Life trans, from one tree to the other tree is a unique of jungle ecosystem
where the orang utan use as their natural networking to reach or to explore their parts of  directory jungle journey in their lifes, to find their own foods  and comunication.
(Orang utan ate shoots of young leafs, fruit,bark of trees  and some termiten)

( Type of this Monkey is very often born their baby twine )

Kind of this monkeys are living in the troop more than 100,of member type ,of this apes are feeding by their mouth as a difference of their characteristic.They are kind of noisy monkey where they make noise to communicate betwen of them.

( An other story from the water way  called river )

Water way is lifes sources for the jungle community,while in dry season most of the animals are came down to the river to get some of water tu lush of their thirsty.

River as a bless for men where they used to refresh themself in to, 
and  men also benefith by river water as their lifes
resources to get food and drik from of it,as fishing.

 The ,7 seven days trek in very dense jungle flora & fauna

Huge and amazing of thickwood tropical rain forest ( Damar laut) > Agatis Alba


We also have the specipic trekking activities in Orang Utan " < Royal and Specify > home trek,where we could enjoy the real magnificien jungle trek in amount of trekking number,as listed below:
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  • Orang Utan Safari Trek
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Trekking one day
35 eu/p
Trekking two days one night
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Trekking three days two nights
105 eu/p
Trekking five days to Kuta Cane
Extra 10 eu for rafting activities
The Group Will be 3 person minimum
250 eu/p
Included: food,drink,tent




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